Christina Campanella



Christina Campanellla works with music and sound across disciplines. Her original pieces for theater, film, installation and fixed media blend songwriting and composition with aural design, weaving found sounds and ambient textures into cinematic soundscapes and deconstructed art songs.

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    photo by dan efram

    The Visitation, A Soundwalk   A sound walk inspired by the 2016 appearance of the Harlem Deer. Created for Jackie Robinson Park, New York City.
    A meditation on the presence of the mythic in the everyday and the uneasy relationship between the built environment and the natural world. A soundscape threaded through with the ethereal voice of the deer becomes a visceral sonic journey through our longing for the solace of the wild, The Visitation charts the histories and hauntings of a particular urban geography, embedded within the geology of time.

    Music, Narration, Audio Production: Christina Campanella
    Words: Stephanie Fleischmann
    Created with Stephanie Fleischmann and Mallory Catlett

    Length: 49:14

    Headphones, Map, Smartphone, Internet Access, Jackie Robinson Park

    Starting Point:
    Enter Jackie Robinson Park from W145th St. and either Edgecombe or Bradhurst Ave. Position yourself on the path near the gate in front of the pool.  

    1. Take note of your sorroundings in relation to the MAP
    2. Place your phone in DO NOT DISTURB
    3. Connect your HEADPHONES to your phone
    4. CLICK “Listen in Browser” or the PLAY button on the image of the deer (below)
    5. LISTEN for instructions and follow along on the map

    With performances by Campanella, Mark Spencer, Sammy Baker, Black-Eyed Susan, Abraham Gomez-Delgado, Carl Hancock Rux, Callie Katrice Holley, John-Andrew Morrison, Ryan Packard, Mia Pixley, and Jude Shimer. 

    Presented by HERE Arts Center #stillHERE 2021 with commissioning from Café Royal Cultural Foundation and Foundation for Contemporary Arts; relaunched on 2023